Antisemitism Its History And Causes

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To learn more about Copies Direct watch this short online video. Need help? How do I find a book? Can I borrow this item? Can I get a copy? That is not what the study is about. Please cite the study's exact claim or retract your statement. I will apologize if you can, if you cannot you should do the same. The Rabbi's article did not resonate with me, but please let's give the Rabbi the benefit of the doubt and not be so confrontational.

You are not being very respectful. We owe Chabad Rabbis and rebbetzin our deepest respect. I find it obnoxious that you would demand an apology from Rabbi Tsvi who is doing a marvelous job. Let's cut him a little slack. Yes, it's not so easy to find. You should also look at articles on 4. This is particularly hideous stuff and it endangers us all.

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Visit Help Center. Jews living in the world are responsible for the moral welfare of the world. Jews were blamed for the assassination of Czar Alexander II in The Communists starved the people of the Soviet Union by the tens of millions. Many denominations are continuing to address the role played by centuries of Christian antisemitism in contributing to circumstances that made the Holocaust possible. My family grew up in the US, Jews, without any guns.

Don't see anything disrespectful here, if only quite stern Reply. Seriously, not just a Rabbi, or your Dad, or friend.

Think before you speak, please. Thanks Spikey. I responded, but my message was "spiked".

‘They Spit When I Walked in the Street’: The ‘New Anti-Semitism’ in France

Your words are valid and always based on solid research. It is very uneducated when people voice opinions rather than facts. Perhaps his intent is that we are seeing a new group of anti-Semitism that we didn't think was a threat in the past, in addition to all the other groups that we are familiar with, and we should be weary and try to correct this situation as well. Your disclaimer confuses me; why wasn't your headline " America's Neo-Antisemitism.

What are the causes and How can we defeat it?

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The anti-semitism of white militants, and white supremacists, is very different from that of some elements of the DNC and African Americans. The causes are different, their issues are different, and while we might think of "defeating" aspiring neo nazis, we might instead speak of educating people who are only naive or misinformed.

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What is perhaps of great concern, is the short sighted view taken by some of us regarding the right. Those who remember the beginnings of the miltary junta in argentina and the german who we don;t name, are impressed by the similarities in the present situation. How can we forget the hard lesson that the politics of "other" so often finishes with the Jews? But, take a drive across the country and see for yourself where things stand.

Count the number of cold stares and see how many feel that a secret kabal of Jews is holding "T" back from his true agenda. I have done this, and it is indeed, very scary. Rabbi Freeman did well to take up the subject. And then go count all the churches where they preach Christian Zionism. And all the varsities where same conspiracy theories are expressed not through cold stares but absolutely openly and under cover of free speech, social justice activism and do on. Threat comes from both fringes Reply.

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An African American friend of some of the highest ranking democrats past and present. And an outspoken viral anti Semite. I agree, G Lapson. The whole White Neo-Anti-Semitism is a myth created by the Democrats to frighten Jews and the rest of the media driven public to vote Democrat. Though there are white people who are anti-Semitic, the idea that they are organized, armed, and ready to launch an attack is a creation of Hollywood, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and the socialist machine behind the Democrats to frighten us into capitulation.

Listen to the anti-Semitic attacks coming from inside the Beltway among the Congressional militant youth, and they aren't white. Stop saying that anti-Semitism is a construct of white people. If there is to be any kind of healing we must also look at ourselves, purge the leavening inside our own ranks.

I haven't forgotten how the Hasidim were treated by the liberal New York Jews when they first arrived. They acted as if they were an embarrassment. I grew up in the south, and regularly travel across parts of the former steel and coal belts. What you are saying is patently false. The ideas of Jewish conspiracies and cold stares are alive and well almost everywhere, even if only occasionally expressed openly.

And sorry, it is, in fact, a decidedly right wing behavior. Lefties are not yelling "damn It feels a lot like we awoke one day in to discover that half the country have been closet racists all along, and it is very much more open and more intense than even when I grew up in the midst of desegregation in the south.

So, please, let's not kid ourselves. Certainly Hitler was rightist as was the last czar of Russia who starved his people and treated them as possessions. On the other hand socialism includes Social Security which is there to make sure people have a degree of security.


Social concern for people is a theme in Judaism, Christianity and Islam. I was not around NYC a hundred or so years ago, when Chassidim arrived, but my impression is whether liberal or other, local Jews helped the new arrivals a lot. And sadly, some Chassidim DO act in ways giving shame to our people. And for such group one person acting this way, is one too many Reply. Hitler was a lefty much more than a righty.

A lefty on State power and a righty perhaps on immigration restriction. The Communists starved the people of the Soviet Union by the tens of millions. Richard, try not participating in social security, you will be met with armed gunmen at your door unless you do what's good for you. If you are forced to give, you would be stupid not to collect. Concern for others is paramount in our faith, but not at the point of a gun. That turns compassion into theft. Social programs and Socialism are two distinct concepts. Socialist countries value centralized government control over individual rights.

Social programs are instituted by democracies to give the less fortunate a safety net or an opportunity to rejoin the working world.

A new anti-Semitism? Why thousands of Jewish citizens are leaving France