Applying Design for Six Sigma to Software and Hardware Systems

Design for Six Sigma
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Microprocessor Systems Design: 68000 Family Hardware, Software and Interfacing

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by Maass, Eric

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This step integrates information from 2. Customer input is included in the development domains, many organizations are evaluation. Teams typically deliver a detailed implementation plan which incorporates methods when six-sigma training is largely learnings from the full-scale pilot, documented focused on manufacturing? Controls can be as simple as an transfer functions.

Microprocessor Systems Design: Family Hardware, Software and Interfacing - PDF Free Download

Confirm predictions in pilot builds, Mistake- 4- Improve: Improve your processes while you go. VanHilst et al.

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After testing, the final design is confirmed. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. In the next screen, we will cover the DFSS deliverables. Id like to dedicate this book to my wife, Joanelle, whose smiles have brightened mydays ever since that summer afternoon when she splashed into my life. His years of experience at Motorola and leadership in Design for Six Sigma techniques makes this a must have in the library Outstanding book with detailed case studies on the application of DFSS in the area of software and IT systems. Finally, in the verify phase, lean concepts including building in total productive maintenance and visual management ensure the ongoing high performance level of the product, system, or service. Its refreshing to see a bookthat addresses the aspect of requirements flow down as well as aligning the procurementprocesses with suppliers.

In the course of its work with hundreds of six- 3- Uniqueness: Software is not mass produced. Head [22] used the cleanroom software 2- Align Goals with six-sigma Activities. This the practitioners and researchers to explore the is an example of what others got by implementing applicability of six-sigma in software industry. Based on the results of this exploration, the On contrast, Binder [21] stated that six-sigma researchers have been divided into two groups, that does not make sense for software based on the is, with or against this idea.

However, some following reasons: researchers came up with a number of uncertainties 1- Processes: Software processes are fuzzy.

Every on applying six-sigma to software. Throughout this part of the software is produced by a process that section, we will discuss in some details these defies the predictable mechanization assumed for uncertainties. Every part of the manufacturing activities are targeted to minimize software is produced by a process that defies the cognition.

In software development, data which makes software correct or incorrect cannot relationships can be discovered via usually be measured as simple distances, weights, documentations, interviews and process or other physical units. Data flow diagrams, entity relationship 3- Software is not mass produced.

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Even if software diagrams, and object models are tools commonly components could be designed to ordinal used to represent the data relationship that the tolerances, they would still be one-off artifacts. Six-sigma software process could be interpreted 5- Software development is an intellectual process as 3.

It is software development process, such as changes difficult to imagine how this could be achieved since of developers, knowledge level, programming the average cost of such low rate of failures in the skills, and so on. However, this is still being argued.

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The real challenge is to see if it can be implemented Moreover, Hong and Goh [26] stated that a to the software process without reinventing the misuse of six-sigma at the other extreme would be wheel. There is also disagreement among leaders in emphasizing the unique features of software process the software industry about the need for six-sigma. Some software engineering which is defined as a set of software engineering activities, such as the process life cycle models and activities to transform user requirements into quality measurements, are evidence of efforts software product — is completely different than other towards producing stable software processes types of processes such as manufacturing.

The distinctiveness attributes for a software development process which are not available for other types of 5 Conclusion processes are as follows [26]: Six-sigma has been invented by Motorola Company 1- Unlike other types of processes such as in Since that time, it has been used widely in manufacturing, the software development process the manufacturing. The success stories of applying is not repetitiveness.

follow site However, each software six-sigma in manufacturing during the last years product needs its own process. About this product. Stock photo. Brand new: lowest price The lowest-priced brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging where packaging is applicable.

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The Practical, Example-Rich Guide to Building Better Systems, Software, and Hardware with DFSS Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) offers engineers powerful. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data. Maass, Eric. Applying design for six sigma to software and hardware systems/Eric Maass, Patricia D. McNair.

They provide real-world examples for applying their techniques to software alone, hardware alone, and systems composed of both. See details. Qty: 1 2. Buy It Now. Add to cart. McNair Paperback, Be the first to write a review.

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Their clear, start-to-finish roadmap is designed for successfully developing complex high-techlogy products and systems that require both software and hardware development. Drawing on their unsurpassed experience leading Six Sigma at Motorola, the authors cover the entire project lifecycle, from business case through scheduling, customer-driven requirements gathering through execution.

Product developers will find proven job aids and specific guidance about what teams and team members need to do at every stage. Using this book's integrated, systems approach, marketers, software professionals, and hardware developers can converge all their efforts on what really matters: addressing the customer's true needs.

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