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If the Page is found, its template is then located. If the Page has a valid TemplateName specified, the PageBase class will attempt to load the controls listed in the PageConfig in the order in which they are listed in the Page. The sample application provided demonstrates the functionality of the Page Template Framework.


The only Page in the application, Default. This Page initial ly implements the MainTemplate page template, which is listed below:. The sample page, Default. Not only will the content of Default. This framework was developed to provide functionality for creating page templates for use within ASP.

In ASP. The Page Template Framework does not provide design-time support for the content of the page templates; however, you can still use the Web Forms designer to create the cont ent of a Page utilizing the framework. The Page Template Framework, by virtue of its design, provides a system for defining page templates to be implemented in a class derived from the PageBase class. This design could be extended to enable declarative page template inheritanc e. Consider the following Page. As depicted in Listing F, declarative page template inheritance would allow nested page templates.

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Another consideration for the framework is the notion of skinning. The Page Template Framework could be extended to provide personalized or localized versions of pages within a Web application. Then the server responds with the requested page with one anti-csrf token in hidden form field and another in Set-Cookie header. When user submits the form, he sends one anti-csrf token as a form parameter and other in cookie.

Server then matches two tokens for validity and performs requested operation only if successfully validated. If anti-csrf token is missing request body when user submits the form or anti-csrf token is changed, server will not validate the request and raise an error as follows.

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You might find different methods to prevent CSRF attacks in different frameworks written for different languages. Following is the above mechanism employed in ASP. I used Orchard ASP.

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Login to the application. After login as administrator, when I request the page to change my password, the application issues an anti-forgery token to me to veryfy my operation. Following is the GET request to the password changing page. The IIS server responds with the following response. Note that server sends us a Anti-Forgery tokens pair in Set-Cookie header and a hidden form field.

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These two tokens are cryptographically related which only application server knows to decrypt. I submitted the form with changed password.

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And I intercepted the request with BurpSuite. Following is the POST request to the server to change the password. This same idea could be merged with page inheritance to provide a dynamic and scalab le solution for page templates in ASP.

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Almost every article I researched when considering this framework offered a solution that required a predefined page template be developed. This meant that any change to be made to the template would require the Web application to be recompiled and re deployed to the Web server. Changes to a page template should be configured rather than customized.

If page inheritance is used as the templating mechanism, the base page must be modified and recompiled to incorporate changes. This customization makes maintaining dynamic page templates an unnecessarily tedious task.

Microsoft's Stance on .NET Framework

NET DataSet instance with the rows from the data source. However, before calling a service you have to AJAX-enable it so that it can be called by client-script code. Assemblies are considered equivalent if they share the same complete name. You can see in Listing 5. May 6, On May 8, , Microsoft announced.

Based on this approach, I created the Page Template Framework. Figure 1 depicts the main components of the Page Template Framework.

As depicted in Figure 1, the Page Template Framework utilizes page inheritance to templates for use within a Web application. This approach is quite similar to others mentioned earlier in this article. However, the configuration model used by the Page Template Framework differentiates this approach from the others. The Page Template Framework defines page templates as a collection of User Controls to be added to a Page in a specific order, placed either before or after the content of the derived page.

To do this, the Page Template Framework contains configuration components for declaratively defining page templates to be implemented by a Web application. The PageConfig class is an XML serialize-able class that represents the page template configuration for a Web application.

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This class is simply an API built to access the Page. As outlined in Listing A, the Page.