Poverty Targeting in Asia

An end to poverty in Thailand is not on the cards
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Why Can’t Dynamic Asia-Pacific Beat Poverty? | Inter Press Service

If there is poor access to clean water, again health will suffer. And if there is poor access to education, children will in the future share the limitations confronting their parents today.

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In addition lack of access to markets will ensure that whatever potential that exists for marketing products will be limited. Concentrating on improving access is therefore a key element in any poverty reduction strategy. Over the years, the ILO has developed and demonstrated a tool, Integrated Rural Accessibility Planning IRAP which helps communities and local governments to identify what should be done a school, a bridge, a road or a water supply etc?

A closer look at the achievements of Millennium Development Goal 1 targets

The tool has been successfully introduced to 10 countries in the Asia pacific region. The ILO continues to provide support to countries in the field of improving access in rural areas and poverty reduction. The current emphasis is on:.

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Assisting countries in further developing and demonstrating IRAP planning tools to identify rural infrastructure investment needs at the local level;. Integrating local resource-based strategies in country poverty reduction strategies and poverty alleviation programmes;. Capacity building to strengthen local government units in the identification, planning and implementation of rural infrastructure investments to address poverty issues.

Improving access in rural areas — ILO What matters is the types of investment by governments. Countries that have driven poverty reduction trends have focused their investments on people, importantly through the provision of health, education and social protection. How much would all these investments cost?

webinfogroup.com/profiles/401/location-tracker-apps-for-nokia.html The report focused on two aspects of investments in people: providing basic human rights no poverty and zero hunger — SDGs 1 and 2 and building human capabilities health and education for all — SDGs 3 and 4. To eliminate poverty, policy interventions include cash transfers based on national poverty lines and establishing a social protection floor.

Evaluation Insight

Poverty targeting in the Philippines. Arsenio Balisacan and Rosemarie Edillon. 7. Micro-finance and poverty reduction in Asia. John Weiss, Heather . Poverty Targeting in Asia. Country surveys on India, Indonesia, the Philippines, PRC and Thailand. Targeting versus universalistic approach. Advantages of.

Interventions for hunger include nutrition-specific investments and rural investments. To build human capacities, the estimates include the cost of providing health infrastructure and the cost of universal pre-primary to upper-secondary schooling.

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The report finds that the total spending required to achieve these goals is well within reach for many governments. For countries that are unable to meet the costs on their own, particularly the least developed countries LDCs where the estimated costs reach 12 per cent of GDP, assistance from the international community will be crucial.

Poverty Targeting in Asia

What are some of the key policy imperatives? First, the social protection floor should account for the largest share of required investments, as it has an enormous impact through protecting all age groups from poverty.

The Numbers

Second, countries with the highest success rates of reducing poverty through social protection have designed and implemented universal programmes instead of poverty-targeting ones. Finally, managing the cross-cutting challenges related to urban poverty will require improved urban planning and better policy coordination between national and local authorities.

China Footprint: Targeted poverty alleviation

As governments in the region strive towards eliminating poverty by , people-centered investments will be the key towards improving the livelihoods of the marginalised and disadvantaged segments of society. All rights reserved.