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The important things are to be knowledgeable, add value, and have a perspective. That puts them in a unique position to bridge the gap between your digital marketing efforts and live, physical interactions. You can then leverage that info to place those prospects into a marketing automation system for ongoing nurture campaigns. Source: Tomoson Influencer Marketing Study.

In addition to these steps, there are a number of tools that can help you build your network with influencers. Here are some perfect ones:. This lets you quickly find influencers on Twitter who you can follow and begin to engage with. Once engaged a little, don't be afraid to pick up the phone. A great tool to find influencers, connect and manage your network of influencers. BuzzStream is a robust tool for influencer marketing and can help you build a real strategy for making the right connections count.

Identify key influencers, engage them, and measure the results and impact of your influencer marketing activities. GroupHigh helps you find bloggers and other social influencers, manage those relationships and even measure the value of your content. MuckRack helps marketers find relevant journalists and bloggers, receive alerts, and build media lists.

It also helps journalists, bloggers, and editors showcase their work, track shares, and grow their following. A great tool for better Public Relations which is an impactful influencer strategy.

Product Marketing and Product Management? Same same but different

These bloggers have specifically opted in to connect with brands like yours and help you achieve web-wide recognition. Building your influencer network and leveraging them can be a full time job, but worth both the effort and investment. What smart enterprise tech companies of the future will do is stray away from this kind of short term thinking to simply generate click-throughs, but to develop a consistent program of high-value content that will foster long-term trust between your target buyers and your brand. But two things tech marketers need to realize apply when it comes to high-value content: The Rule of Reciprocity and the growing struggle for companies to be heard.

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This may not happen right away. But eventually, the more value you provide, the more prospects will rely on you for high-value content and give you their time in return. And because so many other companies are striving for attention, getting past that initial point of entry makes high-value content even that much more necessary. Every article, blog, or piece of content tells a story even clickbait. They key is to tell better stories than your competitors.

So you want to do marketing for a tech company… (Part 2) - By

Remember, helping your audience is more important than helping yourself. Some of today's biggest brands tell great stories of how their solutions solve customer problems, impact customer lives or just provide an entertaining view on their business and culture. Think about how you would want to consume information. A B2B technology company can appeal to the humans they are selling to through powerful and even emotion-evoking content.

Rethink how you are telling your current stories and if they could be redefined as a documentary of a customer's journey, a powerful interview or a day-in-the-life of an employee helping customers solve challenges. Again, your high-quality content strategy should flow from your buyer personas. It's important that when you create strategies and editorial calendar that you develop an Audience Matrix that defines each person at a company who could be involved in researching or deciding to use your product. For each of those stakeholders, you can define their pains, goals and motivating factors - building a persona for each target customer is a must-do first step.

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This goes for your social media accounts, and video channels like YouTube as well. Building a platform for content delivery that is connected with increase prospect confidence with each new story they interact with and improve their knowledge during the sales process.

Built properly, these platforms can funnel leads through to conversion and into your overall marketing ecosystem. First, if the audience doesn't get value they will not convert to the next stage of your marketing process whether a signup, download or buy.

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Even if you can get a lot of people to find your content, a lack of value will repel them from moving further which is the ultimate goal. Second, when you deliver real value, it creates a positive brand impression. Your audience will lock in their minds that you are the expert subject matter and when they need help, you are the best resource to talk to. A positive brand impression can last for when you reach them through other marketing channels and increase the likelihood of conversion there. So, what is real value, well, it isn't just the surface level info a visitor can get anywhere.

The challenge here is to get over the fear of giving away too much - which many companies are afraid of. The best place to look is within your own company. What tools do you use, what questions do your customers have and what secret tactics or methods do you covet. Giving away a lot can ballon you over the competition and significantly increase prospect confidence.

In this article you’ll learn:

And lastly, make it unique in some way. Today, people are inundated with information and content because the tactic has significantly grown in popularity. Whether the information is unique or the delivery, it must stand out. Consider different media such as video, animation or apps - maybe even consider past tactics such as direct mail.

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If you can make the information valuable and unique while delivering in an unexpected way, it will pay off in spades. If so, has it been done well? If the answer to both of those questions is yes, it gets rejected. Joe Lazauskas, Contently Editor in Chief. Companies should have a wide range of content to reach people of different personalities, consumption preferences and stages of the sales cycle.

The following graphic shows the type of content from left to right based on where they are in their buying stage while the top to bottom displays the engagement experience type. Content Usage Matrix. Here are four reasons to integrate live events with your digital marketing efforts, depending on your core marketing needs at any given time:.

Especially for early stage startups and tech companies, your main challenge may just be getting noticed in the marketplace. For businesses in a more mature stage, it may be more of an imperative to generate sales leads face-to-face. Planning is critical, so make sure to reach out to key prospects well in advance to drive attendance to the event and your booth.

Have systems in place for collecting contacts, qualifying leads, and setting up follow-up sales appointments either during or after the event. Live events are a great way to meet and greet current customers in a more fun, low pressure format. Some of the most effective live event marketing that enterprise tech companies do comes in the form of educational content and workshops. This is great for drawing in both current customers and new prospects, especially decision makers on the technical side. Make sure to stay active and engaged on social media both prior to and after the event.

Encourage employees especially your sales team to spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to maximize the chances of active prospects attending, meeting and moving further along the sales cycle. Live events can provide you quick exposure to a volume of prospects, but because you may not get much 1-on-1 time, it is imperative that you create a smart strategy to nurture and convert those leads. First, lets start with collecting leads:. Collecting leads is important, but too many companies don't utilize them correctly after the event.

It is a waste of time and money, if you don't see the process through.

So you want to do marketing for a tech company… (Part 2)

As soon as or during your event, leads should be entered into your marketing automation the next chapter in this e-book or CRM software. Following up too hard on attendees who submitted a card or came to a workshop, will just turn them away. This process is called nurturing and should provide the lead with value while conveying your key brand messages.

The key here is not to jump into selling, but instead show your prospects you are knowledgeable, engaged and care about providing them value. Doing this first and then building up to a demo or call, will open the gate rather than quick rejection from a hard sales approach. This is essential in the technology space, as both pre-sales and sales cycles can last weeks, months and even years.

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What tool you use will depend on the size of your company, as well as the nature of your solution and target buyer. One of the most powerful, and popular, marketing automation systems on the market. Marketo is great for managing and segmenting lists, as well as delivering rapid-fire email content.

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Recently acquired by Oracle and now under their Marketing Cloud umbrella, Eloqua is a robust B2B marketing automation platform that outperforms Marketo with large databases. Eloqua also has what is considered the best customer and prospect insights engine, giving marketers detailed and granular analysis of how users are reacting to marketing emails they receive. The major downside to Eloqua is that is has so many capabilities, that the user interface is often non-intuitive and easy to execute.

It has an intuitive UI, easy to work with database structure, and allows for relative ease of email creation.

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Master your product marketing skills through practical examples and exercises. Chapter 1 - Product marketing for technology companies: Why product marketing is the most key position in any technology company. Pages

There are many other Marketing Automation Systems available and now many that are part of a platform that includes CRM, Customer Service, and a wide range of other features. If you are an organization looking to generate leads for sales teams, then Marketing Automation combined with lead scoring can significantly improve your entire approach to marketing. A process of automating follow-ups to potential customers.