Programs as Data Objects: Second Symposium, PADO2001 Aarhus, Denmark, May 21–23, 2001 Proceedings

Programs as Data Objects
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An advice mechanism for non-local flow control.

Declaring Constraints on Object-oriented Collections. The omission finder for debugging what-should-have-happened bugs in object-oriented programs. Pyrlang: a high performance Erlang virtual machine based on RPython. Shiranui: a live programming with support for unit testing. Fraglight: shedding light on broken pointcuts in evolving aspect-oriented software. Making live programming practical by bridging the gap between trial-and-error development and unit testing.

Generalized layer activation mechanism through contexts and subscribers. Code recommendation based on a degree-of-interest model. Context holders: realizing multiple layer activation mechanisms in a single context-oriented language. Context-oriented software engineering: a modularity vision.

A core calculus of composite layers. L: context-oriented programming with only layers. A unified context activation mechanism. Optimizing a search-based code recommendation system. Bridging real-world contexts and units of behavioral variations by composite layers.

Symposium on Programs as Data Objects (PADO)

Supporting covariant return types and generics in type relaxed weaving. ContextFJ: a minimal core calculus for context-oriented programming. Featherweight EventCJ: a core calculus for a context-oriented language with event-based per-instance layer transition. EventCJ: a context-oriented programming language with declarative event-based context transition.

Designing event-based context transition in context-oriented programming.

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Improving the development of context-dependent Java applications with ContextJ. Towards a type system for detecting never-matching pointcut compositions. Test-based pointcuts: a robust pointcut mechanism based on unit test cases for software evolution. This list is updated every Thursday. Titles are arranged in call number order. To view previous lists, see our archives page.

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Rubinstein, Thomas A.

  • Second Symposium, PADO 2001, Aarhus, Denmark, May 21-23, 2001, Proceedings!
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Cunha, Peter Kacsuk and Stephen C. Agrawal eds. Yee, Simon Haykin. Stinson, Stafford Tavares eds. Stanley Lee and Hsu-Shih Shih. Montgomery, Elizabeth A.


Programs as Data Objects: Second Symposium, PADO Aarhus, Denmark, May 21–23, Proceedings. Book · January with 1 Reads. Programs as Data Objects. Second Symposium, PADO , Aarhus, Denmark, May , , Proceedings. Editors: Danvy, Olivier, Filinski, Andrzej (Eds.).

Peck, G. Geoffrey Vining. Lumley ed. Daniels, Suzanne W.

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