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Families of two missing S’wakian soldiers want SAR resumed immediately; offers to go along

And as back to back deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan have slowed, rotational missions to places such as Europe , Korea and Kuwait have increased, along with training exercises and train, advise and assist missions all around the world. During this non-mission time, units still conduct training at home or at the combat training centers and continue to prepare for potential contingencies, officials said. The Army will continue to improve on those numbers, Abrams said, even as it works to rebuild its readiness.

Forces Command also has reduced its number of non-deployable soldiers from And the command has gotten rid of, transferred or moved more than , pieces of equipment — from bayonets to Medium Tactical Vehicles — that was outdated, no longer needed or residing in the wrong units, he said. As he moves into his new role in Korea, one of the most unpredictable regions in the world, Abrams, who is active on Twitter, said he hopes to continue to maintain a strong presence on social media.

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The Army and his command have been supportive of his writing and have allowed him the flexibility he needs, though he sometimes struggles to find time to write. While his writing career is flourishing, he said he wants to stay in the Army.

I have a ton of stories I want to tell. Army sergeant, that Netflix will be making a movie from.

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Soldier's graphic novel to become Netflix original starring Peter Dinklage. Edwards AFB drop zones will honor parachutist who died in training jump.

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Berrien County Sheriff's Dept. Man who conspired with fellow soldier's wife in ambush slaying gets at least 65 years in prison. Bush sailor suicides in one week, commander calls for prevention ideas.