Strategic Change Management in Public Sector Organisations

Strategic Change Management in Public Sector Organisations
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PDF | As public organizations have specific characteristics, the development of change in public sector is crucial and difficult. Despite its. This book covers all the major aspects of change management for those working in public sector and not-for-profit organisations. It summarises key theories and.

The management of change in public organizations: A literature review. Public administration.

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Management of strategic change at the high court of Kenya. Rodrik, D. Failed change efforts are due to inadequate change management competence, which ultimately demands effective change management solutions, tailor-made programmes and specific actions, including skills and roles that need to be applied. If change is not managed in an organisation, it creates resistance that is associated with negative emotions where individuals and collectives experience fear, anxiety, insecurity, loss of control, constant routines, traditions, lack of support, confidence and trust.

At an organisational level it can result in inadequate performance due to unclear goals and affected employees not being involved in the planning of change, as well as poor management style and political dynamics within the organisation. The PS is in flux and is affected by the rapid pace of social, political and technological change.

Change should be managed by HR and line managers in the PS. Research Purpose The aim of this study was to determine the different roles that HR and line managers play during various phases of strategic change in the context of the PS and to further explore if they actually fulfil those theoretically determined roles.

Therefore, the motivation of this study is based on the lack of success in the PS in delivering services as required. This necessitates change efforts to improve service delivery.

Change Management

The failure of change efforts due to insufficient change solutions by management in the PS creates a gap in knowledge about change management solutions in the PS. This knowledge gap exists as result of the fact that there has been no research that has explored, in any detail, specifically how HR and line managers go about managing change on a day-to-day basis.

The public sector is experiencing tremendous pressure for strategic change. Governments in many countries require public sector managers to be more responsive to the public and to deliver more value with constrained budgets. Members of the public also face change, and look to their public sector organisations to provide efficient and high quality service, while adapting their activities in a complex and dynamic world.

Strategy in the Public Sector provides guidance to managers who have responsibility for delivering increased levels of efficiency and innovation and accountability. It shows how strategic changes can be made through realigning and increasing the capacity of the public sector organisation. It shows how managers are now handling strategic changes in the context of public policy, favouring pluralism of service delivery systems and partnership working.

Based on the practical experience of managers in local government, central government, health services and education, the book presents insights, lessons and examples from many countries on both sides of the Atlantic that help bring about effective strategic change. Strategy in the Public Sector has been written for anyone who has a role in modernising the public sector and requires a practical guide in making strategic changes that are both responsive to the public need and sustainable. He holds a PhD in local government and has worked in local government as a senior manager.

He is currently director of the Management Research Centre at the University of North London and is involved in research on innovation in the public sector. His current research interest is centred on the way in which strategic management processes can be used to reinforce entrepreneurship and innovative management.